Jan. 7, 2016


In short,Case in point I suppose:both genders cannot tolerate muuch style or subject of the other gender's speech...We men, are typically, short-'brusque, gruff even, more negative whereas our counters are quite the reverse: Watch any early morning t.v.  which is awash of attractive young women anchors and reporterwho will join other anchors on the sofas and what do they say? Usually agree, of courses, with any leading to them: Definitely, Absoiiutely, Positively, For sure. Giggle and laugh for their male co-starJust survival mode in a men's world stillYes-absolutelyThey are writing the cheques-and as Jennifer Lawrence so accurately ppinted put, they acontinue taking the lion's share! If only the 'high heels' were on the other feet...?!!(Jan07, 2016-K.P.)