Jan. 5, 2016

"Kudos to Special K"

In these last few months of the year, UI've seen a television advertisement for the cereal- but one that tackles a giant, complex issue, namely the attitudes and poor self-images that it says in the statistics more than 50% of all women have about themselves and are especially concerned about their rear-ends, and . It continues to show various aged women, all snapping on their underwear or bathingsuits-the voce-over talking about how many don't feel comfortable, and worse still- unattraCTIVE, but no woman/anyone,really, should not be judged by their derrieres. It's a stong message and though it goes against the current, the barage of steady bombardment of still thin-perfect bikinis, or J-Lo's and Beyonces much of whose careers are at least embellished by their booty-shakes on every stage.Must those be integral in their singing performancesMust Playboy magazine have 'nudie pics? THINGS CAN &DO CHANGE!And we have the know-all to put together all the female pieces back into her whole-wouldn't you agree..? (Jan05th/2016,-K.P.)