May. 13, 2015


 proot Spaghetti'o's-no. Maybe a new cereal..?Rhetoricrunch"

RHETORIC-SOMETHING ABOUT THAT WORD has piqued my curiosity for a very long time.Maybe it's that silent, underused "h"..?

RHETORIC:the art, practise and study of of human communication whose principal pupose is PERSUASION,to help  shape attitudes, evoke particular emotions(whether happinesess, sadness, guilt  ...which ,in turn,induces actions in others. Because we've bastardized it so otver the years, it is often reduced to regular use un the advertising industry to lure consumers in to buy a product, whrther a hajburger, soft drink, or car.

LOGOS-the logical appeal; the if..., then equation..!

PATHOS/BATHOS: appeal to emotions


ethos: appeal to our ethical sides(right or wrong..) 

(May14,2015-Kim P.)