Apr. 29, 2015


'Religious Freedom Restoration Act'   Ha! If ever there was a wolf in sheep's clothing. Of course, the Nazi's took it a step or two further, and by 1936 had instituted, "The Gestapo Law" which gave them unrestricted powers to arrest people they thought might commit a crime! And the term"crime", here, was also left floating some for their convenience, of course)George Orwell called that 'thoughtcrime'-but that was from one of his remarkable socio-political satires that too feww of us have read or understood or taken to heart.

Is that education system of yours yet on the mend, America?At least have those ignorami use proper grammar when their misreading, shredding their own constitution: 'I gots my rites to kill anyone I please-if they're gonna bust into my house to steal me!"Yessiree, I got my rights. If I don't like someone , I don't have to smile and say hello; I don't have to give them a coffee or cola ,or beer, or burger...A few good bumper stickers will turn this 'struggle' into a crusade, perhaps pitting the 'the have-smarts against the'havenosmarts'..?(April29,2015-Kim P.)