"a Little Horizontal Refreshment, Perhaps?"I BEG YOUR PARDON!

Now, there's a euphemism for ya-"horizontal refreshment", a popular expression for sexual intercourse used by soldiers during the American Civil War, especially in the theatre surrounding Washington,D.C. which saw a lot of the early fighting. Washington , itself, in those early 1880's had over 500 registered brothels, and over 5,000 prostitutes.Business was booming, you might say. One of the most famous and popular houses of the time was located at 349 Maryland Ave., not five blocks away from the Whitehouse which reflected a large and regular portion of its often elite clientele, under the auspices of one Mary-Anne Hal, the Madaml who is buried in one of the biggest plots in Congressional Cemetary on Capitol Hill! Next to her lies the plot of former FB|I director J. Edgar Hoove(probably a customer..)r.Many Union soldiers spent much time wiling away the hours to a leave or furlow in Washington, and the euphemism pops up(so-to-speak..) again and again in many soldier diary-journals of the time.The Union Army by that time was under command of GeneralJoseph Hooker and was the largest ,best-equipped and funded army in the world. Not coincidence either that among the many 'camp-followersproviding laundry services, bakeryand barbers, there was a certain number of prostitutes, following behind Hooker's enormous division. When it did encamp for a few days, here and there, it became  a small, sprawling city of its own with upwards of half a million men!Hard to hide from the enemy. for sure Today, the rappers would probably call it,"walking the dog". (April05,2015-Kim P.)