I, ormonth adore Morgan Freeman- both as anactor and a person. In his Inside the Actor's studio interview, while talking about his work on film,"Glory", he says at one point that he did not "buy into" the concept of "Black History Month". He further explains by saying "There's HISTORY- and I'M PART OF IT. iNside-out/Outside-In stuff, mAYBE.hE DIDN'T SAY THIS NEXT PART, BUT i WILL. If I presume long enough to guess at what he meant, it would be that assigning one or month to it simply trivializes it. He wraps up so eloquently with achoral, "There's history- and I'm part of it."

Can't be said any more cogently. I'd dare throw into the mix that'Women's Day falls under the same designation. One dayeach year-I know , we can havw a paraDE(!), SELL tEDDY bEARS and have 2for1 brassiere sales! (March29,2015-Kim P.) 

"Next Time You Work with Deadly Snakes!"

Nature is pretty good at giving warning signs:Red &Black Do Venom Lack;while Red and Yellow Kills a Fellow!"Often ,it is the most colourful, most beautiful animals that are the deadliest!-and it is those same colours that keep it alive by warning away potential predators!(Beauty and the 'beast...?)  March 31,2015-K.P.