Mar. 30, 2015

"Only We Bring Colour!"

.As both award-winning, extremely intelligent directors, Stephen Speilberg andRoman Polanskihave said in separate forums of the "special features" sections of their films, there were good Nazis and bad Nazis, good Jews and bad Jews! To extend that thinking even further to the dlabour-death camps scattered across Europe- and from survivor testimony and eye-witness accounts, there were good guards and bad guards. Putting themselves at risk, there were a few guards who actually snuck meager food-rations i to prisoners they were familiar with, and then there were those many sadistic among them who took pleasure in the regular, almost daily beatings and killings that were going on. Point is these things and so many others were never drawnin simple black and white terms-there was always going to be grey, and not the clesrly delineated dividing lines we seem to prefer and our Hollywood reinforces constantlyIt is we who add the colour...from Nazi camp-guards to sexual (read'gender') orientation and blended marriages. I think the world is greyer than we like to admit. Like the whole andon-gooing craZINESS OVER same=-sex marriages.As many married men wijj woefully admit to when pressed, marriage is not about recreational .sex. Perhaps procreational, originally to raise afamily. But in marriage, it's about honour and respect, not simply whether the puzzle-pieces fit together as intended.. Inbelieve much of the ignorance surroubding this issue is because a lot of little minds knee-jerk immediately when they think sexually! Raising a fasmily isNOT about sex... ask most any parent out there.Tenderness, Companionship, Support are eavh moreimportant than 'getting it on'. (March31,20125-Kim P.)