Mar. 3, 2015


China's annual political gathering has begun downtown at the Great Hall of the People with appointed delegates from every corner of the country meeting and sharing ideas. China will one day become a democracy-but only when it stops qualifying the word with the likes of:"consultative, or vertical" It so wants to APPEAR that way to the outside world, but euphemism and sginy tiles are not enough to raise it there. CPC.CPPCC ,NAACP, ASAP cHINESE pEOPLE S Party Consultative Committee, and national people's congress..... I'm at the point where I literally cannot stand to watch the ste-owned/run broadcasters-their reporters, anchors and guest commentators do nothing but back-slappingthe central gov't for a job well done!!The propaganda is sickeningly sweet, quickly tedious propaganda. I must leave the room, or put in a movie.And worst, it goes on for another 3-4 weeks!(March04,2015-Kim P.)