Feb. 24, 2015

"Is It Just Me?"

The Oscars. The Academy Awards! Who doesn't like 'em..?The glitz, the glamour, the goose, the gander... Is it just me coming away from it thinking how absurdly ironic Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech was demanding that it was time women received 'equal pay for equal work'! An old sentiment whose validity cannot be questioned; I only wonder at the timing and choice of forum:Heart of Hollywood, an industry by itself probably more responsible than any other for stereotyping women and their roles in our society. Then, for the cameras to show Glenn CloseMeryl Streep giving a "Yeah!" fist-pump in support while sitting next to multi-millionaire J-Lo whose designer gown was barely holding in the"nip-slips." Solidarity, girls, calls for everybody to be reading from the same book AND on the same page:to keep those clothes on, or not..?You've got to row together Some like it hot, Some like to sizzle-while others NOT.    (Feb.24,2015- Kim P.)