Feb. 9, 2015


lET'S EXAMINE A SNIPPET OF POPULAR MUSIC, shall we- for me to prove a point:

Stephen Tyler belting out with Aerosmith, Train Kept -a- Rollin'"...,metaphors abound, never a real train...

Mick Jagger and his Stones with "Sticky Fingers"- who honestly believes he conceived that after making a peanut butter and honey sandwich..?

Carly Simon's smash Bond theme in "Nobody Loves Me"...

Katy Perry's much more recent, "Like a Fireworks";

oldie but goodie, Peaches &Herb:"Afternoon Delight"

..and then ,of course, there's GLAM-ROCK's KISS, NEVER A BAND KNOWN FOR ITS SUBTLETY

  with "Love Gun" and the in-your-face (pardon) "Lick It Up!", as an album title yet- no flower petals or snowflakes, there, just high octane testosterone, and uncontrolled libido, right G.?

Just lions survrying the herd...

...and RAP!? Don't get me started! 'Got somethin' to give you , girl.. yo" How nice!

Where's the Rose, Moon River, Under My Skin..??

Have all the good lyricists died and disappeared with the 'Romance'.?  (Feb120,2015-K.P.)

Rod Stewart's iconic(?) "Tonight's the Night!"  was really him trying to encourage a bird to fly again, after he had nursed it back to health..?Don't think so.

Even Natalie Woods' Maria singing"Tonight, Tonight." in West Side Story It was going to be a special night for Tony, alright, let's face it!

Let's face it. Not all that surprising, to say it's all about SEX!(fEB09,2015-kIM p.)