FORMER MeTHODIST PREACHER AND THEN cOLONel John Milton Chivington, in the Union Army , fresh from its defeat of the South in the American Civil War... led a band of 700 Union soldiers and Colorado militia against a peaceful encampment of Indians on Nov.29. There was no contest to speak of- it was an outright, cold-blooded slaughter of innocents, men, women and chilren, even infants.Conveniently enough, many of the able-bodied warriors were absent on a hunting expedition...hARDLY A 'fair -fight'..., but that was the Army way with mostly support from the general public.

Initially depicted in the Press as a great victory over murderous, savage Indians, more accurate details from eye witnesses days later showed it for what it was- a slaughter, a massacre.Numbers vary considerably but maybe as many as 150-200 were killed. But they weren't simply killed; they were mutilated with many scalps,lips, ears, eyes and noses removed as ''battle-trophies" Even some of the women's pubic hair was removed and later put on display in Denver(aghast!) to delighted crowds!. The native-Indian was  a pest, seen as vermin(disease-spreading rodents..) and therrefore to be destroyed at every opportunity

Though both military tribunals and a Congressional Hearing were called and investigated the terrible events of that day, Neither Chivington nor any of the men under his command were ever charged or tried for their heinous actions that day at Sand Creek!(May12,2015-Kim P) 

Urology-Alright, I suppose, if you don't mind pissn' your life away?

'Sarge's Diner!"(Human Wrongs!)

In my way of thinking, you need look no further for the perfect illustration of this new proposed Protection of Religious Freedom Act" which has reared its awfully ugly head in several states.. than to arguably one of the best bare-knuckled, heavyweight fights  ever to be filmed neas the end of the film ,"Giant" between Ernest Borgnine's 'Sarge' and Rock Hudson's 'Dick Benedict' when Hudson ends up on his back in the leftovers and Borgnine tosses the sign to alight on his chest,a sign that reads ,"WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SERVE ANYONE"  (Anyone  we don't like it couldhave elaborated but it WAS CLEARLY IMPLIED, I think. Hiding personal bigotries and prejudice behind the guise of 'religious freedoms' is pretty disgusting...  though, in some ways, I sippose,it is part of the bedrock on which the fledgling Aerica began,right.? After all, those pilgrims, those 'Puritans' left Europe to ESCAPE persecution, didn't they. In the OldSouth, they just called it "slavery', in South Africa, it was called Apartheid.Different drinking fountains, anyone...? Of course the Nazi's took it to the deepest, darkest depths of depravity during WorldWar Two. This is one wolf that must be killed at the door!(April27,2015-Kim P.)

'I see skies of BLUE,fields of GREEN'

ysAs both award-winning directors, Stephen Speilberg and Roman Polanski have so astutely said in 'Special Features' of their holocaust films, there were good Nazi's and bad Nazi's, good Jews and bad Jews. There are, mostly by far, good Muslims and a small handfulof hateful,radicalized extreme Muslims who cause the pain-just as there are those like-minded extremists within the Christian community.Try as we might to make things simple- and black and white, the world continues to produce a myriad of colours and greys to perplex and confound us! (April15,2015-Kim P.)

"Lovely Shade You'e Wearing.."(NOT GREY!)

aThe first commercially produced LIPSTICK(mostly beeswax and flower tinctures..)was produced in where else(?)-Paris in 1884, so some would have made its way to London abd possibly even Whitechapel working girls by the time 'Saucy Jack' appeared in 1888. It does, however date back much further in time...: ancient |Sumeria-3,000 years ago, Mesopotamia and Egypt- some 5,000 years ago. Some evidence exists to suggest it was around as early as 10,000 years ago, and it was certainlly there in Minoan civilzation(where bull-vaulting was a popular sport!)on at Knossos on Crete with whom the Greeks traded, and if the Greeks had it, you just know those original pirate Romans also used the stuff.There in Medieval Europe, too up  to and including the Elizabethan Age when it was quite fashionable for upper class women to have pasty-white faces and rich red or scarlet lip colour, after their queen, herself.All that- as Desmond Morris showed us all in his wonderful BBC-produced documentary'The Human Animal'- in an effort to mimic the pink/red flush that scurries to our cheeks and other parts when we are aroused.Hmmm.(April 01,2015-Kim P.)

"I Love Morgan Freeman!"

(NOW!)aIt's one of those unrequited lovesongs, mind you; he doesn't know I exist"His was a marvellous turn on Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton.In it, he said and I paraphrase,"There is history, and this thing they call "black history." I don't buy into that sort of thinking at all. There was HISTORY,and I'm a part of it, thank you veruy much. Have a parade, maybe(Me!)You know where for one month, or one day, they will celebrate 'blackness' He didn't say it but I will-if I can presume long enough, my interpretation of what he was saying is that by doing that it isdelineating it in such a wa that it simply trivializes. We all eat together, but the 'kids' have ttheir own table.'History and 'culture' he saw in the same light, reallyThere is no 'black culture'. We eat the same foods, attend the same schools and churches(NOw!), make love and babies the same way- mostly laying down....When asked if he had ever played a black king, his answer was parallel,"I am black, and I have played a king." Never to be defined by pigmentation alone.And then that wonderful, embracing, open smile of his to punctuate things!   (March31,2015-Kim P.)


CTo borrow briefly Bart's everso famous interjection which says so much with so little. 'What are ya? Stupid? It's like so obvious!!

And the marvellous Chris Rock in his' killer' stand-up routine, 'America- a gun culture?Guns don't kill people.Nah! Bullets kill people!(then-make bullets prohibitively exopensive!)

But , as with much of the hard- to- destruct logic coming out of America's South-  Central and MidWest, many point to their constitution in self-defense, "Says so right in the constitution I got's every right to bear arms to protect myself, kin and home. Sure, but that stems from a time when much of the country was still hostile territory, and the rest was under invasion by a foreign power with redcoats and funny accent.And, oh yes, the weaponry was much different, too-there were no rapid-fire automatic weapons...." Custer and his men would still be with us today,if they had been equipped with Ak--47's!(Not a hunting-weapon!)

'ExaCTLY. So, if my home's being invaded or threatened in any way by a foreigner... I can shoot him!'You see..-we still got that 'foreign invasion' problem!'

Right. Hard to argue with coconuts.   (March27,2015-Kim P.)

"More Ping-Pong, Please" but they're Communists!!

bAh-the move from good, friendly allies to strategic partnerships! I have been heartened-if only a little- to learn in the last few years of of increasing military cooperation through joint-exercises between the two super-powers and their navies... putting their sailors on the other side's boats to help swab the decks! And when President O'Bama hosts President Xi in a couple of months, he should also plan to win a couple and lose  COUPLE of PING-PONG GAMES tAKE TIME, SPEND TIME talking soft-issues, as they walk the whitehouse lawns. For there ever to be trust, they have to know and respect and care for each othe and each other's fsmilies genuinely as human beings. Many Chinese are conditioned in thinking they would lose the contest and theywould let their ;guests; win any contest to make them feel better, and so they would not lose any honur!Win-win, Lose-Lose! For each other, for the world.If they come to genuinely care for each other and each other's families, it will be grADUALLY, SOFTLY REFLECTED IN THEIR POLITICS.., and ours.. Of course to intentionally lose a match of any sport would be more insulting to many Westerners, including Americans.. or so says their mythology.They would much rather know they beat a rival whe he was at his best. (mARCH09,2015-kIM p.)

"U.S. Seeks newFree Trade Deal with Euro-Zone."

Ha!No such thing. Any international body who's dealt with'Uncle Sam' knows; it's always much closer to FMD (fAVOR mE dEAL) THAN EVER fta(free trade agreement. The deck is always stacked, always will be,and they will never let business happen that threatens American profits or jobs, period.Anyone who thinks differently is sadly naive and mistaken.And- If there's ever any doubt, they bring in the litigating guns, and cry foul with words like "monopoly" and "dumping". And only then when the presentation is finished do they all go to lunch with Bill Gates!He is, after all, one of them. or A.F.T.A.P.? AMERICANSFirst Trade Agreement, Please!??  (Feb07,2015,K.P.)


3PB= Welcome to the latest  addition to our society in the Three-Parent Baby who can then ASAP become friends with I>V.(in-vitro)B'.s and OMG, create goodness knows what new ACRONYM-OFFSPRING!Britain leading the charge.. much like they did with 'Dolly' the sheep..Shouts of "Designer/Perfect Babies!?!' rebound from those who eat farmed salmon, but refuse to eat hormone-enhanced bigger-breasted chickens from the colonel! Yep. (Feb05,2015-Kim P.)



WITHIN DAYS OF cHIVINGTON'S MASSACRE AT sAND cREEK,the infamous 7th calvary, under their leaderLieutenant-Colonel G.A. Custer  in the creeping light of pre-dawn attacked and annihalatedthe village of Black Kettle, a Cheyenne chief at an oxbow in the Upper WashitaRiver in what is modern-day Oklahoma. Black Kettle and other chiefs only days before had been gatthered at the nearby army outpost, Fort Cobb, suing for peace with the U.S. Army.Their and their people's safety had been reassured, if they only made camp in that area- and that was by agreement of the Medicine Lodge Treaty with U.S. government; they had agreed, even though there was little arable land in the vicinity, and no buffalo within miles!Black Kettle's village was at one end of a massive encampment thought to have an estimated number of 6,000 that ran 8-12 miles along the river and included numerous different tribesWhite settlements in the region had been attacked and raided often, and some of the young warriors who partook of the raids were said to be hiding in Black Kettle's village. It was cold and there was a  foot of snow on the ground that day, a day many historians believe sealed Custer's fate at the Little Bighorn- and just one moreslaughter in the legacy known as the "Indian Wars" on the frontier.53 Indian women and children were taken hostage and used as human shields to help ensure the safety of the troops at the end of the battle when they were withdrawing.And all this after Custer had been stripped of rank and suspended from the Army for one year for mistreatment of soldiers in his command- butGeneral Sheridan had reinstated him not ten months into his sentence! (May13,2015-Kim P.)

I think it's time for us, as a society, to revisit our ABSOLUTIST -thinking around "EVIL'" whether it comes in the form of cancer or suicidal terrorists hyjacking airplanes. So much of our thought, news media even popular culturehas it as sonething that can be removed or eradicated when I might tend to think it is permanent, perpetual. It is more like dust;we can clean away some today, but tomorrow there will be more waiting for us. We ca can never rid ourselves of it completely-absolutely- and to think asmuch will drive us insane. It is Conrad's 'heart of darkness' and it dwells within us all-it is part of our human condition..... for better or worse, angels and demons..., birth/death, good and bad.                  (Jan18,2015,KimP.)

The two lead murder-terrorists from this most recent attack in Paris were both known to British and American security forces and in fact, on no-fly lists. Yet even now as British P.M.Cameron meets with O'Bama in Washington, the media immediately does the 'tech-distract'. They will need to discuss and better implement data-gathering/collecting services... Like... NO! We already HAD the data-and didn't know what to do with it, how to best share and diseminate such info."MORE CAMERAS!!"Encrytion codes. Monitoring social media sites- doubtless with lists of "hot words"or phrases that are immedistely flagged for further examination...  Freedom of speech? The Internet is a literacy branch and has nothing to do with speaking  (tell me, it's 'speech', a metaphor?)  Jan 18,2015, Kim P.)

After the horrific terrorist attack in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices, the one marvellous thing in the unity that has been shown there-to me,at least- is how the gov't and mediaarms have been very clear from the get-go in separating out most of the peaceful Islamic world from the two fanatical, murderous Muslim terrorists who perpetrated the act. In all the shock and anger, still they found cooler heads to know that such a distinction was paramount and urgent. Seeing that unfold reminded me of commentaries made in the "special features" section of their award-winning films, by directors Stephen Speilberg and Roman Polanski who echoed each other when they said of the dark times of the holocaust:"There were good Nazis and bad Nazis, good Jews and bad Jews!As much as we may want it to be and Hollywood continuallyreinforces those stereotypes..., the world never truly exists in 'black and white' Shades of Grey,shades of grey.Christianity, too-not surprizingly- has had more than its fair share of extremists and radicals from the time of the crusades and before to white supremists  since the end of the war, all marching under the religious banner.     (Jan.17,2015-Kim P.)

i THINK much of the West(North America and Europe...) suffers from what I will call "pill-think"-our unwavering belief/self-deception in the quick-cure, the quick-fix, and now with the latest wave of  e-gadgetry only strengthening and further promoting instant gratificationwith the mere swipe of a finger.We look to pharmaceuticals to scare away the bsd bugs that find thei way into our systems. The "fat-pill"?-it's out there, we're just waiting for it to be discovered. There's a pill for all our ailments, afflictions, disorders..., a pill that will set things right!    (Jan06,2015-Kim P.)

                                                                   (Necessary Evils..?)

                                 Like cancer, Are germs to be removed, cut out completely, or are they necessary(?),

                                To help strengthen our “immune” systems

                               For this rough and tumble stroll…

                              On this, our exhausting, exhilarating life on mortal coil?

Several streams of thought-like most anything- I am made to think of the website dedicated to the abolishment of the word”retarded”, as it is so often used in early childhood bullying to insult, ridicule, demean those of us in the population who, for whatever reason, tend to be cognitively slower, and even become labeled “special needs” within education circles. To abolish the word because one of its darker, derisive connotations-is this blind censorship? Or, perhaps, a genuine effort to curb prejudice, and especially dangerous bullying in the schoolyard which usually has its beginnings  in verbal assaults like that, so to pull it out by the roots, we eliminatethe tools/weapons used..? I appreciate the sentiment and effort, but am still left concerned if it’s not aslippery slope we’re starting to climb- all words that have negative connotations and can be used to hurt others…? Like “fat” and”fatty”, “ugly”… and will they all be replaced with the superficial euphemisms, which like Tom’s whitewashing the fence, barely conceals the charred ugly boards beneath it.”uglu” can simply become,”unique-looking, Who decides and how on what words go and what words stay?Our immune Systems have been weakening for the last few generations, and some evidence for that reported even in medical journals suggests in part, it is the result of our increasing virtual lifestyle-kids are far less likely to go out side, play and get dirty ((to pick up some natural bacteria..) when they can do almost anything now from the clean, safe, antiseptic comfort of home! Some of those “outside” bacteria actually help to make us stronger, and perhaps schoolyard bullies should be seen in a similar light. Of course, in extreme cases, immediate intervention may be necessary, but as for the rest.. we have both good and bad bacteria in our systems at all times. Do we stop swimming entirely, knowing that at times sharks can patrol close to beaches..? Nope. We get on with things, we continue. I was some on both sides of that bully-fence in my young days-admittedly: I was picked on, and picked on others; I survived the former and in no way am proud of the latter, but both are indisputable historical facts, now. I don’t think we can ever entirely remove ‘bullying’ from our culture; it comes from that darker side within us all, and will always be around. For me, I’m quite positive in my own mind that such prejudice begins at home by the parents' attitudes and behaviors(modelling). To counsel the bully is nowhere near enough-the parent(!) has tobe brought in , too, I’m afraid… to confront and learn about their own prejudice and fears… That’s where it gets hard-the weed just can’t be pulled out singly;no, the gardener has to be taught better ways of nurturing his plants/crops!  Whew!  K.P.

hOW CAN WE NOT BABBLE A BIT at this whole Sony Picturesgerfuffle-hacking-thing..?

Why- but of course it was the DPRK and PyongYang beind it all. Non-believers, Communist flag-wavers that still don't have a proper Starbucks!(negotiations are underway). They have the missing "Honeymooners" episode-tapes, and were behind the assassination of JFK, too. They're evil, after all, for continuing to live in near-povertywhile adoringtheir leader/dictatorship. A 'funny' movie based on the killing of their leader. Water coolers and backyard B>B's are abuzz- That country and its prople have no sense of humor! And when the Muslim spour gas over an edition of the King James \Bible and light it on fire in the parking lot? Air-strikes IMMEDIATELY!!Funny, howthings change when the shoe is on the other continent..?(Dec.22,2014-Kim P/)

jUST WATCHED CURIOUS INTERVIEW ON 'tHE hEAT' WHERE an attractive, thoughtful and articulate Japanese womam, ShikokoHoko? was billed as Japanese cultural expert spoke some on Sino-Japan relaTIONS. One she said China's recent formal commemoration and establishment of a national memorial day fr the Nanking Massacre could actually'stir the pot some and harm relations between the two..., and Two she did say readily admit manySoutheast asian women, including Chinese were forced into prostituion by Japanese soldiers. Just diction? Don't think so. Prostitutes are paid money for engaging in sex acts; these women she mentioned were forced into SEXUAL SLAVERY, frequently tortured and raped before being murdered. In some cases, a woman would be made to "service" upward of two undred men!The prettier they were, the more men would want a turn with her.Think your sister, now, your daughter!Conveersely, there was a story of a woman, Ms. Matsuo(? a teacher , I believe and founder of 'Never-to-forget Foundastion dedicated to helping keep alive the memories ofhose brutal times. amazing woman who hsd travelled to Japan I think 80 times to conduct interviews with surviors put-on workshops and presentations on the atrocities committed.  and happily,her venture has been very successful to both young student groups andolder people living in elder homes. (Dec18,2014-Kim P.)

Recently(maybe a month, now)I and my aide have changed venues for my walking/exercise routine down close to the lake, beches and big, strong wooden railings I would walk beside- to up on the level way around a sunny vorner by the entrance to a local rec-hall/building. I've taken up, again, some with the cane, do onelength weith it ..of maybe25 feet, then another 3-5 lengths free-standing. Each of these new 'lengths is 2 or 2.5X longer than what I had been doing before at the wooden rail. Little trickier getting back to the chair as I have to shuffle sideways almost while trying to hold the 90degree edge-corner of a wall portion. But DOABLE! Three times,now, I've done it five times and although exhausted I'm happier and sleep longer through the nightWe'veI've reached another of those cusp-transitionn stages when progress is marked and notable. After doing a few, we'll just rest and chat with the 6-7 other people who eventually join us in the sun for chat and BADMINTON which I enjoy a lot (so, too, with ping-pong!(Dec18,2014-Kim P.)

"Soft Diplomacy... best served at Hooter's..?"

ITo err is human....,and so, too, then, is finger-pointing, character assassination and personality-smearing and bullying in public forums. Much of it, of course, stems from ignorance- and ignorance, as we all know, is bliss.Just try taking away a person's bliss and see how far you get; like the next drink or cigarette, it can become comfortably addictive very fast-and more computers is not the way to solve the issue. It's one of those hard-to-deal-with-ones, characterized by some in the mediaafter the First Lady's visit to China(where she and China's first lady spent much of their time on the "SOFT"/tIER tWO -LEVEL DIPLOMATIC ISSUES OF faMILY AND EDUCATION.  Why not just put hugh hefner in charge and let him take an entourage of soft-issue"supporters abroad?What a disservice, almost dismissive wave of the hand those two ultimately important matters received in the press(not naming names Fox, or CNN..)They're not statistic or money- driven hard-edged 'manly-things' enough to be granted front page respectful feature coverage., oh,no.But if they could make more widgets, or faster...?Ironically and unbeknownst to the men, it is those very "soft diplomatic issues/concerns that really lay a genuine foundation of trust and friendship, not the glad-handing photo-op on a new solar-panel trade-platform. Time to smell the coffee , boys (Dec19,2014-Kim P.)


suffer from is what I would term as "Pill-Think", otherwise known as "SIL-BU-DI" an acronym for Silver-Bullet-Disorder(just made that up, yes!) which leads many of us to the simplistic and totally unrealistic belief that there i san easy-quick solution to almost any problem that presents itself. Got a werewolf?  Here's a silver bullet, then. Your kids are being out-performed by Asian kids in  academic testing across the country?Give each child a computerr at school!Must be a wonder-drug of some kind to ease the pain fast.Wrongful deaths by police officers across the country? Ah! Technology steps in to save the day ,like some new super-hero on the block. Sure takes public attention and media scrutiny away from the real issue: what of non-lethal means for subduing,apprehending uncooperative subjects..?? Lock the gun and 'rambo' up and start talking NON-LETHAL MEANS and technological advances THERE!(Dec18,2014)-Kim P.

Our own media helps to empower these radical, fundamentalist,exxtrist groups-inadvertently I'm sure I hope(!)But with this latest terrible, tragic news coming out of Australia, i flinch a little when I hear the now-dead guikty man/perpetrator described as a "lone wolf". The authorities desperately want to alleviate fears so immediately say he acted alone.But wolves belong in packs and usually hunt in packs. So when we characterize him like that, it is still suggesting he has friends, others like him capable of the same behavior. Wolves don't normally act alone, you see- and it is rare ever for a single wolf to successfully hunt by himself.  No, perhaps "rogue" elephant or lion would be better, a more fitting epithet. Usually a member of a group (still!) they have gone off singly by themselves(redundant?)   Dec16,2014-Kim P.)

I'm not sure of its exact origins, but I do know that the thinking'money can buy happiness and what you want' is deeply embedded, ingrained in the Chinese psyche:you can buy anything, buy your way into an Ivy Leasgue School, buy a medical degree, then buya nice big house for ther whole family.The "guan-xi/corruption issue/problem is a direct result of such thinking. If you stand on the styreet corner handing out tenty-dollar bills-or one hundred dollar bills, you are bound to make many new friends. In just the last two months alone,China has inked deals with other, even poorer developing nations to the tune of 20 BILLION dollars(U.S.)Africa, Indonesia, some eastern European countries...Only trouble is that, somewhatunderstandably,they feel if threy're paying for sonething, they should have some say in the final what how.If they're paying for the operation/procedure, then they should be allowed to tell the surgeon where to make the incisions, or tell the teacher the curriculum they want for their child- and how to deliver it. Hmmm...Shouldn't rub the prayer beads so much,if all you want is a bigger four by four! (Dec.16,2014-KimP.)

 After a long drawn-out process of screening and evaluation by committees, a candidate-state is finally welcomed into the full membership ranks of the U.N.Then , however, to be more important yet and have a stronger voice, it has to apply for and be accepted into the elite ranks of the U.N. Security Council which strictly limits its membership. But to have its voice heard with other high-profile nation-states, i stillt needs to ascend to the Executive Branch of tthe Security Council whose members are not just provided bottled water- but their choice of bottled low-calorie fruit juice-made from organic fruit only, of course.Obviously, by then, they need a working microphone on the desk in front of them,too. Maybe there's also a Special-Speciall Executive Branch who's members receive free t-shirts? Could be?Theirs are often such insightful, important determinations: 'The U.N. securirty council announced today that it unanimously supports a statement stronghly condemning the violent, bloody, nasty bad things and people inthe world-'Can't we all just get along?' said a spokesperson.'The wars and famines and stuff are bad and should stop for all people', he went on to say.They all agreed to meet asgain to continue their discussion.Russia was still left standing alone in the hallway- for now still an outee.  (Dec14,2014, Kim P.)

WE'RE PRETTY MUCH SATURATED WITH award- shows NOW, SO i'D LIKE TO OFFER UP A WHOLE NEW PLATFORM:"the BEUPH AWARDS! For Best Euphemism awards. This year the voting, apparently was close, as I understand these things, between China and the U.S.China with its somnewhat cooling hot economy downgraded its growth forecast from 7.2-7.6% where it has been for a decade(!) all the way down to a measly 7%. The central Government and all state-sponsored media want this change to be referred to as "the NEW NORMAL"COULD BE RIGHT OUT OF ORWELL'S "ANIMAL FARM"(nO, NO, no-it's been that way for years-you probably just forgot!"Always been four legs better than two. Or from 1984, even-'No, you're mistaken, the gov't INCREASED the chocolate ration, and it's better for us all!But ,alas the U.S. of A. took top-prize with its "enhanced interrogation techniques" for what up until now had simply and rightfully been called "torture."And when I poke you in the eye with this sharp stick, it will actually help to improve your vision in the long run....Oh, my!HONORARY mention goes to the older Chinese expression, "vertical democracy" for its one-party Communist state.       Hearing such absurdities gives me an urge to go and sit on the throne.(Dec14,2014-Kim P.)

'Dr, Huxtable', 'The Cos', has been under the media microscope of late, already largely tried in the 'court of public opinion-the social media, after nearly twenty women from his past have come forward to the media and accused him of rape or sexual molestation.China and other coutries in Asia want the Japanese government to take resonsiblity for the atrocious war crimes their troops perpetrated in 1937 Nanjing and elsewhee. Formal apology, some say in writing even for the brutal behavior of their army during the war 77 years ago. Some compensation is demanded in part for the physical and psychological toture suffered by hundreds of women throughout Asia who were forced  into sexual slavery to appease the baser needs of Japanese soldiers- called "comfort-women."How much is enough compensation or apology..?.for crimes committed by men so long ago, many are already dead.how much is enough?And what of the near-genocide of the American Indian during post civil war, frontier days?How often has the U.S. government made formal apology and in what form came the compensation for the near-dstruction of an entire culture.No rape or murder, but I have things in my past I'm not proud of, even ashamed of, but I've atoned in my conscience, and stewed long in my guilt. Is it open season?Anything goes?Anyone is vulnerable to allegations of immaturity, idiocy, poor decisions....?  Dec12,2014- K.P.) 

The Key to it All"(onTITANIC disaster...)

Shakespeare did very well by his "Comedy of Errors' which over the generations has become embedded in our vernacular to describe an unfortunate moment or situation that results from any number of things going wrong or happening sultaneously.I can't take credit for it, but somewhere along the way,- I think in doing research on 'the great ship', I came across a phrase which meant the same thing and used for the Titanic disaster.;it was a "Cascade of Circumstance: !62 year old Edward John Smith, the ill-fated captain of the most-famous maiden-voyage was due to retire after 37 years at sea, most of which, however, were spent at the wheel of sailing vessels. Two of the closest ships that might have provided rescue were her sister ship'The Olympic'(but their captain returned to bed after discovering his radio-operator had retired.., and 'the Californian'-but since she was out and involved  in clandestine illegal seal hunting operations for which she was to maintain a low profile..supposedly.) Yes, proportionately speaking, her rudder was quite small for such a large ship. More telling was the fact that because of a crew/shift-change in Southampton,the lookouts in the crow's nest never received the key to the locker holding the binoculars!They had no binoculars in the Crow's Nest which may have saved over 1500 lives!By the way, the title 41-46"? refers to the coordinates  of exact position Titanic went downSweat the small stuff!.(Dec07,2014-Kim P.)

(Dec07,2014)     Kim P.The Key to it All"

mShakespeare did very well by his "Comedy of Errors' which over the generations has become embedded in our vernacular to describe an unfortunate monent or situation that results from any number of things going wrong or happening.I can't take credit for it, but somewhere along the way,- I think in doing research on 'the great ship', I came across a phrase which meant the same thing and used for the Titanic disaster.., "Cascade of Circumstance !62 year old Edward John Smith, the ill-fated captain of the most-famous maiden-voyage was due to retire after 37 years at sea, most of which, however, were spent at the wheel of sailing vessels. Two of the closest ships that might have provided rescue were her sister ship'The Olympic'(but their captain returned to bed after discovering his radio-operator had retired.., and 'the Californian'-but since she was out and involved  in clandestine illegal seal hunting operation for whichshe was to maintain a low profile..supposedly.) Yes, proportionately speaking, her rudder was quite small for such a large ship. More telling was the fact that because of a crew/shift-change in Southampton,the lookouts in the crow's nest never received the key to th locker holding the binoculars!They had no binoculars in the Crow's Nest which may have saved over 1500 lives.By the way, the title 41-46"? refers to the coordinates  of exact position Titanic went downSweat the small stuff!.(Dec07,2014-Kim P.)


Good to see N.A.S.A's newest program , "Orion" starting off so well.. though with all this talk now of Mars, it leaves me puzzling...?Are we just looking for a lifeboat off a sinking ship? Is the world truly doomed with climate-change, or too many Adam Sandler movies? Are we simply looking for a new place to build our civilization? And if so.., then, will we leave the internal combustion engine behind and just go with our four-footed friend, the horse, this time- knowing we can already recycycle any of his waste by-product!Life imitating art? James Cameron in his very good sequel to the smash hit of sci-fi horror flick, Alien,to which he just added an's' has an early group of planet colonists there with an "atmospheric processor", a huge automated plant that makes the atmosphere "breathable" for subsequent life... Make the air..., make the water... make the dinosaurs....?  Sound familiar at all..? 

The "Goldilocks Zone", as astro physicists call it, is a yellowy belt on the edge of our galaxy where the greatest likelihood exists of there being an habitable/liveable planet...       KimP.

pink, green, brown, yellow, orange, red??   I must admit I'm with doc-maker Michael Moore on this one. Mostly fear-mongering and psychological manipulation of the masses!Fodder for the idiot at the backyard BBQ, maybe a few water coolers- and that's it. I am reminded of Aaron Sorkin's words from his "A Few Good Men" when ill-advisedly, Demi Moore stands and barks out in the courtroom, "I must STRENUOUSLY object, your honour!" Not "really", Not "angrily", not "emphatically"or "sincerely" -"Strenuously!"Shading the adjective. Raising your voice might draw attention but doesn't solve the matter at hand. We can assign ourselves mood-levels, too from the 'mood-ometer'  Earth tones= calm and peaceful; yellow-orange= warning track, tread lightly tothe ultimate fire-engine red, leaving no doubt!  (Dec.09,2014-Kim P.)

tMisguided and ill-advised is all I could say about the current call in some major U.S. cities for police officers to be fitted with body-cams.I'm sorry(!) but the ignorance to me is palpable among those who are calling on TECHNOLOGY to save the day with a quick-fix solution! Ridiculous!First Michael Brown in Ferguson and then, the latest (but not last..) , Eric Garner in NYC with the now infamous choke- hold and his supposedly last words, "I can't Breathe!" as he was wrestled to the pavement. Terrible tragedies,and both-preventable tragedies. Why are officers not armed with the incapicitating but non-lethal taser-guns(stun-guns) first before the deadly bullets fly.Why are net-guns not used first, to bring a suspect down with no bullets fired. We want to incapacitate not kill primary suspects, don't we..? Then that's where the money and training should go, not to cameras that can only do one thing-prove culpability for the courts, and provide material for a new live police-action show. Who acted first with aggression,or appropriate/inappropriate force?Racism runs much deeper than two-dimensional pictures, I'm afraid and needs time, education and advertising campaigns to turn around. The sixties may be behind us, chronologically- but they're still very much with us.It's about ethnicity, majority-ruling class, and a class whose history was filled with cruelty and degradation and chains!Wounds may heal, but their scars can last forever.Put a computer on every student's desk, a camera on ever officer's lapel.Ity's just political mumbo-jumbo and near- meaningless "Open the pod-bay doors, Hal! "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."-Stanley Kubrick's interpretation of the seminal Arthur C. Clarke's, "Space Odyssey:2001" Or..," To this PILL, I thee wed"-Western civilization And the computer serves only to exacerbate that whole immediate gratification attitude with every finger-swipe.(Dec08,2014-Kim P.)

 ?I find it somewhat depressing to look too closely at the world political arena and its prominent players. Why? It's tedious. It's Cold War2, the sequel.... He said, she said. Both the U.S. and China are equally guilty of pointing fingers, making accusations- and, yes, sure, throw Russia into the mix, too. A few months ago, now, it was Chinese fighter planes intercepting U.S. 'reconaissance' jets flying in their air space or close enough to it. There was according to both sides a military "near-miss" disaster in the skies. U.S. people accused the Chinese pilot of irresponsible and wrecklessflying endangering both pilots involved; Chinese, of course, deny it.....  Back and forth, back and forth. The Ukraine crisis? U.S. accuses Russia of smuggling in troops and weapons to the conflict;Russia denies it categorically and says convoy was full of humanitarian relief supplies.And these are some of the brightest, best-educated people in the world...?  behaving like 5&6 year olds..? Geesh! And ,now, the latest is spying, and cyber-espionage. Up come the fingers!(Dec06,2014) I wonder, if the air-encounter hsad been reversed what the outcome might have been..? Rambo-Reagan foreign policy never left room for doubt-the Chinese plane would have been shot down immediately... and then and only then would a long, drawn-out "investigation" begin to examine evidence and actually ask questions. Or is it simply that oldtestosterone-driven male-thing that says 'you push me..., then I'm pushing you back. I mean what a shocker-O'Bama encourages and leads the West with more sanctions;Putin retalliates as best he can amidst a crumbling ruble. Some 'chess-game' that-more like one of "Rocky's bout, to me...And any collaborating, cooperating is always on the statistically-driven safer ground of economics. It is those very "soft"diplomatic issues the wives talk about- family and education... that will help to create a true friendship and mutual trust-the rest is just drivel, meaningless talk and political posturing..  Too bad with our clock ticking   Kim P.

 Taking aim at Fat Albert and Dr. Huxtable. Poor embattled Bill.... not finding things so funny these days, maybe, as almpost twenty women have come out and made public accusations asgainst him of rape/sexual assault.A new and different caboose seems to be attaching itself to this gravy train every couple of days....a tempest momentum. Let's hope the allegations are unfounded, or otherwise we've witnessed one of the biggestdeceptions and con-artists the western world has known.What form should the, if any atonement take..? Monetary? Wev'e all.., or many of us have dark dirty secrets (Dec.06,2014) Shall we just wipe the slate clean and start over as the "perfect" beings we are..?We sure like throwing stones though, don't we?      Kim P.

?What's with the recent backlash against the ice-bucket challenge, anyway? Come on! Anything that brings more attention, more research funding, more awareness to ALS (AmnioLateralSchlerosis) can only be good- that terrible neuromuscular degenerative disease/disorder... otherwise named after one its earliest and most prominent sufferers,well-known baseball player Lou Gehrig...) You donate to its research fund, or have a bucket of ice water dumped on your head AND challenge 3 more friends to do likewise..(Dec 03,2014)You often have to hit the donkey on the head first to get his attention, and then you can give him the carrot.     Kim P..