''Kudos to Special K.'

 -asxGood for them! For even tackling such an immense and complex subject-as women and their oftetn poor self images, especially body-sense starting with the rear-ends!(Jan05.2016-K.P.)

'Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...--!'

No personal hits at all- but one certain happy, ever-so-popular

talk-host and cook makes some wonderful dishes alright- but often finishes by adding-in a generous fistful of cheese... and what much of America is obese in those middle-ranks... just gobbles it all up-so to speak.(Jan 05th/2016-K.P.)


"What IS in a name..?"

What is it, anyways- with these celebrities and their baby-naming, trying to outdo one another for bizarreness. Add to that, we have the matter of continual discoveries-almost daily, it seems- of another new African country along its sub-Saharan belt..., and then their attendant revolutionary , violent terrorist groups.. Even they go an absurd chase with their names, one even borrowing from aFlorida resort community in Boca Raton. Like just the other day, the pipe-smoking president of the central People's Most Democratic Republic of Ferrerro Rochet announced that government soldiers had surrounded the rebel group, 'fois-gras' just outside the village of Jus d'Jour.

Anyways, on a happier note , married movie star couple Sheila and  John, much in the news lately-introduced their three children to the media for the first time today: Taupe, Bernie de Sol, and Violet-Green!  (Feb06,2015,K.P.)


NFL teams provide or, at the very least, should provide a financial advisor/services consultant(through the Players Union..?) to ensure players in the league are saving and investing wisely someif not all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they will earn ovedr their pro-careers!

You know, thinking about the future, and all...

NFL.,MLB,NBANHL? Doesn't matter really-each of theseprofessional sports leagues is rife with stories of players or former-players who suffer financial hardship, even bankruptcy after careers in which-for some, they earned millions of dollars. Speaking as the guy in the local neighborhood bar/pub, it's hard to hsve much sympathy for someone who has easrned so much moneyn Even the most inglorious position of lineman, drafted twelfth overall in the second round can expect to make 3-4X the annual salary of other young men their age.And,that's not including endorsements...oh, yeah.....                              Kim P.