Why can't Hollywood be a bit more adventurous, innovative...? It just might surprize itself tthat it can still make truckloads of money!    K.P.

"THE SMASHED FLY TEST!"(only stunned or half-dead...)

My helper, a married womnan in her early fifties with a 30 year -old daughter has just the csmoothest easiest way to get under my skin. First, she tallks ALL the time-it is continuous, non-stop fromn the moment she arrives to the moment she leaves to head home(4-5 hours..)At the local grocery store, she has a way of getting in front of me, then turning back to find me and gesture theatrically to 'come on' and join her to go through the cashier line.Trouble is she has very little appreciation for and no empathy for me- a wide-bodied entity- needing a CLEAR aisle to manoeuvre myself in, or that I have to take big, wide corners-like a semi-trailer . There might be twenty people between us, blocking my way- and, still, there she is motioning to me to hurry up!

She is most comfortable and at peace being left on her own to repeatedly mop a clean floor in a dimly lit room.I've seen her do the same floor a dozen or more times in ONE MORNING(!). Is she just that fastidious? A perfectionist?  I wish. She wishes to look busy in front of the boss is what it isThat, and putting in time. Again, I can't stand that sort of thing. For the sake of appearances, not the 'real McCoy'. But you can't simply teach an old dragon new tricks..., if she's been flying a certain way for four thousand years;it's ingrained.I've quite purposefully left a smashed fly or two here and there, and she's failed the test each time I try it-if they were on the floor, she might catch them up in her moo. Otherwise they go unnoticedSay, on glass windows, close to as door handle I know she will use several times.. (April13,2015-Kim P.)

"Oh, No You Don't, Ben."

dnETAnyahu(sic) trying now I see to sidetrack and jeopardize an agrrement between States and Iran on nuclear issue. He wants(so he said recently..) included in the agrrement to be signed by  both parties, there to be a section in whihc Iran recognizes Israel's independent right as a astate to exist.  Yeah, and that's gonna happen in our lifetime.That's an entirely different, separate matter, Benjamin! Keep it that way.(April 07,2015-K.P.)


 rI can't help but be reminded of the old, classic Monty Python sketch of the 'spam-diner!' where the menu had spam in every offering.Over all, the palate here  remains rather unsophisticated, ancient and simple-tied firmly to its agrarian roots where farmers ate what they had an abundance of....eggs and tomatoes   which you are likely to be served1-3X per week, supplemented , perhaps with eggs and celery, possibly eggs and pork, eggs and cabbage, even eggs and tofu.  Eggs, eggs,eggs,eggs,eggs!Do you have anything without eggs? WHAT??!!?(aPRIL 12,2015-kIM p.)

"I Think the Commandments were Not negotiable, and unqualified!?"

(March28,2015-Kim P.Thou shalt not take the LoRd's name in vain.

O.M.G.-what!?No way, you're joking!L.O.L. Nope

-I think that includes joyfully interjected abbreviations and acronyms! I'll check

Holy Fuck would also be on the candidate; lidey Fuck-


"Don't you see the problems?)

My Aide/helper has this crazy-way of driving me mad several times each day when we're out. One ,in the grocery store, she will get ahead of me and be closer to the checkouts,then impatiently windmill her arms, almost, to say hurry up, come here! Only trouble? Of the four possible paths toward her,1 isf full of people I cannot get around,while two others are impassable as small narrow canyons  with extra stock-inventory piled high to either side!Come on! she does again and again. So I backtrack to find te only workable route. She sees me, thinks I'm ignoring her and calls out in an increasibgly kiuder voice 3-4 times each week , I have that to look forward to. (March28,2015-Kim P.)

Mar. 18, 2015

M_I--C-K-E-Y-(does Minnie know..?)

The latest from Hollywood's insides the Insider..., Walt Disney's most famous, most iconic little cartoon happy-face, the mouse that roared and first came to life in the short animated feature,"Steamboat Willie" has ome under attack in the press from two other cartoon sources-both female- who have accused him of sexually molesting them years before when they were all young and up and coming stars on the drawing board. He must have spiked my drink, said the one while the second revealed he invited her back to his suite after an afternoon taping of 'The Mickey Mouse Club"!On the advice of lawyers, themselves often cartoonish, both plaintiff's withheld their full identities for the moment. (March18,2015-Kim P.)

Mar. 18, 2015
Mar. 18, 2015

"I just Finished Cleaning , Therre!"

Yes, I know! Ad I have to get to the other side of the room... several times each day, so stop mopping, will ya??! (mARCH18,2015-kIM p.)

"Evolution of Language?-Bah, Humbug!Je suis BUMOLOGIST!

I struggled enough with "selfie", and almost peed myself to learnOED had accepted it and included it in its newest editions-the old guard crumbling..I also continue to take issue with the fast and easy use of suffixes like "ology""ologist" If you are an amateur sleuth and study in detail the case of Jack the Rpper, you are automatically crowned as a "ripperologist". Titanicologist?. You used to have to pay good money to a post-secondary instution and dedicate your time and energies for several years before being bestowed with such suffix.But now with doctorate degrees in garbagology and givology, scientology. I must be a crocodilogist by now for my lifelong love of the grreat reptile!The latest word buggaboo to crawl up my legis "HACKTIVISM"for those trying to get into Sony Pictures computer files..It's open season-anything goes. You can create one tomorrow...go ahead-pick a word. I know I'm also a "pop-culturalist, OR IS THAT CULTUrologist- a good team member in Trivial Pursuit any way you slice it!"                    KimP.

oNE DAY-YOU KNOW-this will virtually all be gone!     K.P.